Monday, September 16, 2013

From the ICU @CMC Veloore, Uncle H S Ponnuraj asks all at the UESI to pray for Him...

Yesterday (16th), at 6.30 pm, Sudha and I spent some time with him in ICU. He inquired about lot of details. In his characteristic style, he asked me,
‘Take a piece of paper & your pen’
Sudha brought a writing pad from nurses’ table. He began writing.
‘Dear Friend/Sister,
He was unable to write with shaking in hand; he wanted me to take down the following…
“For the last few days, I feel great onslaught of the evil specially over me. Kindly pray that the Lord will give victory. Please circulate among all our UESI –National constituencies”
Then he said:
 “Ask Arul Manohar to circulate among UESI constituencies & Asir Thiagarajan among UESI-TN fold”

He is anxiously looking forward to see his eldest daughter Ester.
He told, in the midst of our conversation:
“Esther is in the next room; please spend some time with her,  something prevents her from meeting me”
‘Uncle, she is in USA’
‘How did you know?’
‘I spoke with her this afternoon. Adolf annan is helping her to process the VISA details’
‘In USA or Germany?’
‘In USA’
He was quite for some time.

Ester Akka is having some VISA problem.  Please pray that she would get all clearances & come as early as possible.
At midnight, he asked for his Bible from the nurse. When Prami gave her Bible, he asked for his own.
According to the medical report of this morning, he is clinically better than yesterday’s condition.  NIV (non – invasive Ventilation) is stopped. He is stable with plain Oxygen.

Dr Lionel opined ‘If his condition deteriorates, he may have to put under ventilation as well as dialysis’.
Last night, Bro. Sathkeerthi Rao ministered to him from the reading of II Timothy 4th chapter


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