Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Tribute to H S Ponnuraj

 Late Prof.  H. S. PONNURAJ (2 March 1932 - 8 November 2013) 
Visionary and founder of ATRI & Senior family member in UESI

Hezekiah Ponnuraj <>
Feb 25
to Philipose Vaidyar
It is very good we were able to meet one another today. May we meet more often to deepen our fellowship.

H.S.Ponnuraj  4/1303-1, E.B.Colony,
Dharmapuri 636705   T.N. India
Landline: 04342-230413  Mobile: 9943157757

Here is my first post after meeting him the second time.... I believe this will paint a better impression of him that anyone meeting him for the first time can have... View my first post on HSP

I had met HS Ponnuraj Uncle first time 13 years ago at a workshop at Highfield Kotagiri. We had some brieft interactions during those three days. But the impression I had him on has been profound and lasting. I decided to be more prepared when I wanted to see him after a decade and more though. After that visit, I used to get brief mails almost on a daily basis from him, in Big fonts and most often it will be a prayer need of someone whom he knew closer and at times some brief quotes that he thought worth pondering. Now what below is a wonderful interaction between before I could meet him the third time. It is a great learning  and I am sure you don't want to miss it either.. Phil

I had visited uncle HSP a couple of months ago @ his home in Dharmpuri, during my first ever visit to the town. During a recent visit I had planned to meet him up again. I wanted to make sure he would it be right to visit him; so I dial.... (I am quoting one of my earlier post on the FB)
Good morning Uncle, this is Philipose....

"Where are you calling from?"
I am in Dharmapuri now, can I visit you this morning?
"How many of you? Who else is with you?"
Two of us, my co-worker,  Andrew is with me.
"I am sorry, I will not be able to entertain you, but you can visit me and pray for me"

Uncle was not well lately and I have been getting his short mails about the wellness of many others and at last about himself last week. Since I was visiting his district, I had planned to visit him and pray with him.

"Where are you coming from?; Chennai?" "How did you come?"

Uncle, I am coming from Chennai. I took a bus. He is coming from Salem, driving his bike. We would need the bike for our local visits.
(And he did entertain us. He has a helper who was directed to offer us tea or coffee, but as we declined, he suggested to provide us some juice though we had our breakfast just a few minutes ago)

Over a glass of fresh lemon juice, we had chats on several matters though brief, including around our families and the ministry trip we were in that day.

We spoke about my father who is older than he is. We talked about Late Mr.Paul Sudhakar, Rev. P.T. Chandapilla and few others. And at the end Uncle asks:

"What else can I do for you"

Uncle, you can pray with us, or to say,  feel with us. I am sure you believe..."prayer is the sincere desire of the soul, uttered or un uttered....." quoting from a famous writer. 

We did pray with and for uncle.

"Now where are you going from here"

We are going to meet ............. ( I explained our plan for the day) 

"Do you have his contact number?"

Yes Uncle. We will call him soon when we leave you.

"What is the mode of your transport?"
Uncle, we have the bike with us.

We said bye with the hope of seeing again, left for our next location.

An hour later uncle calls me on my mobile. I disconnected it as we were on a short 'intercession' thinking I will call him shortly. 

He calls a bit later; his voice was breaking and not audible. I disconnected and said, 'Uncle, your voice is breaking and I will call you'.  I get again a call from his land phone ( I have saved both on my mobile).

Uncle sorry that I could not hear you earlier.

"Now are you free?"
Yes uncle.
"When you were here, I wanted to take a tablet. Did you see me opening it and taking it?"
No uncle, you were about to take it and you were looking for water I think. And you got a call on your mobile and you left the medicine back. You did not take it.

"So you did not see me taking the medicine..?"
Yes uncle, you are right.

Do you know who this uncle is? He is H. S. Ponnuraj - Hezekiah Ponnuraj

And here is his latest email to me as he sends to many others frequently:
"Dr.David Solomon of Ambur will go for cataract surgery this Wednesday at Salem.Please be praying that the surgery go well. Thanks"

Of course, this is just an abridged version of the dialogue between us today. Please do pray for Unlce Ponnuraj. If you do not know him personally ask your senior friend in the UESI about him. I met him in 1999 for the first time and then lately two and a months ago. The impressions of him in my mind are important ones in several respects. Now he needs a healing touch on his back. He said he may have to go through a traction for his disk gap in the vertebra. (I think he said number- 4)
Phil, 4 July 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

From the ICU @CMC Veloore, Uncle H S Ponnuraj asks all at the UESI to pray for Him...

Yesterday (16th), at 6.30 pm, Sudha and I spent some time with him in ICU. He inquired about lot of details. In his characteristic style, he asked me,
‘Take a piece of paper & your pen’
Sudha brought a writing pad from nurses’ table. He began writing.
‘Dear Friend/Sister,
He was unable to write with shaking in hand; he wanted me to take down the following…
“For the last few days, I feel great onslaught of the evil specially over me. Kindly pray that the Lord will give victory. Please circulate among all our UESI –National constituencies”
Then he said:
 “Ask Arul Manohar to circulate among UESI constituencies & Asir Thiagarajan among UESI-TN fold”

He is anxiously looking forward to see his eldest daughter Ester.
He told, in the midst of our conversation:
“Esther is in the next room; please spend some time with her,  something prevents her from meeting me”
‘Uncle, she is in USA’
‘How did you know?’
‘I spoke with her this afternoon. Adolf annan is helping her to process the VISA details’
‘In USA or Germany?’
‘In USA’
He was quite for some time.

Ester Akka is having some VISA problem.  Please pray that she would get all clearances & come as early as possible.
At midnight, he asked for his Bible from the nurse. When Prami gave her Bible, he asked for his own.
According to the medical report of this morning, he is clinically better than yesterday’s condition.  NIV (non – invasive Ventilation) is stopped. He is stable with plain Oxygen.

Dr Lionel opined ‘If his condition deteriorates, he may have to put under ventilation as well as dialysis’.
Last night, Bro. Sathkeerthi Rao ministered to him from the reading of II Timothy 4th chapter


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Uncle under Intensive Care

HSP uncle  is having severe infection and hypoxia.
He needs intensive care. Medical team admits him in ICU.
Dr David Solomon as well as Prami and Rajendran are in the hospital
Uncle had developed wheeze, shivering and fever.
Dr David Solomon feels it could be due to  infection in the respiratory track or urinary track. He is being taken to hospital;Mr Sam Jeyaraj coordinates...
Please pray

- Sundarsingh

Monday, August 26, 2013


For those of you who know uncle by name but have not met him personally, here are two old pictures of Mr. H.S. Ponnuraj I had received, sent by Brother Sundersingh Jebakumar (credits to Mr. Jayaseelan). We would still hope to get a latest picture of him.
Uncle HSP is staying in Vellore continuing the treatment at CMC Vellore. Please continue to pray for his health and well being.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Uncle could be discharged any time

Praise The Lord,O my soul;all my inmost being ,praise his holy Name.
Praise the Lord,O my soul,and forget not all his benefits-
Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases...
It is a pleasant surprise and delightful joy to hear from the medical team this morning that uncle could be discharged any time. I have seen that joy in uncle's smile.
With the guidance and help of Brother Sam Jeyaraj ( a senior  and concerned EGF Elder from Vellore), we were able to find a house for uncle's accommodation in Vellore.
It involves financial commitment of Rs 16,000/-as rent per month with an advance of Rs 40,000/-
Before discharge from the hospital, bill will have to be settled there
It may require another Rs one lakh or so.Moving outside CMC means Prami (uncle's daughter) needs  another person who can give nursing care for uncle. Uncle  has to come to CMC once a week for chemotherapy. All these are possible with our Lord
Please continue to praise, thank and pray to the Lord for uncle Ponnuraj


Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Lord has done great things....

Here is the latest update on HSP from Brother Sundersingh

"When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion,we were like those who dream.
Then our mouth was filled with laughter,and our tongue with shouts of joy;
The Lord has done great things for us.and we rejoiced".  Psalms  126:1-3

"Yesterday evening, (3 Aug 2013), when I saw uncle walking with the help of' walker 'and gazing on the sky from the eighth floor,this verse and few others crossed my mind ;he sat for a while on a chair outside the room.  The duty doctor confirmed that uncle showed tremendous and significant improvement. But for the Grace of God, this is quite unthinkable!""Pray that he may be discharged in His time and for his stay outside CMC but in Vellore and for the related arrangements"

- Sundarsingh

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

26th July ..Thank you for Continued Prayers

Update 26th July
Third chemotherapy was administered successfully today in the evening.
Esther Jeyarani has extended her leave for another five days; so she will be with uncle Ponnuraj in the hospital till Prami's  health improves  
 - Sundarsingh  26/07/1

Update 25th July

"Thank you for your continued prayers for HSP.  The occupation therapist has made uncle to sit in a chair in front of a table both in the morning and evening.  CT Scan confirmed embolism(clot) and the medical team said they would treat it with medicines(injection and tablets).
Our God is a WONDER WORKING LORD; He hears our prayers.So,uncle is better today. Prami,who is to relieve her sister-in-law ESTHER JEYARANI,  tomorrow, is down with cold fever in Ambur.Pray for her healing".
- Sundarsingh  25/07/13

Update 24th July

  • Right throughout the day, Uncle is not feeling well."I feel distressed “are his words
  •  The doctors have suspected pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs region) and called for certain tests. In another one hour, they may take CT scan
This calls for urgent and special prayer. Please motivate all who are known to Ponnuraj uncle to pray for him
 -        Sundarsingh 

Update 23rd July

  • Ponnuraj uncle is alert and agile in spirit and fervently interceding for peopl
  • Two chemotherapy went on well without visible side effects
  • Point of concern at this stage is his mobility -yet to respond to physiotherapy
  • Still bed-ridden, this immobility may have a adverse effect on his lungs region
  • His daughter, Pramila ,is on a five days rest from Saturday (20th) onwards.Uncle's daughter -in -law- Esther, attends on him now. 
 - Sundarsingh