Wednesday, July 24, 2013

26th July ..Thank you for Continued Prayers

Update 26th July
Third chemotherapy was administered successfully today in the evening.
Esther Jeyarani has extended her leave for another five days; so she will be with uncle Ponnuraj in the hospital till Prami's  health improves  
 - Sundarsingh  26/07/1

Update 25th July

"Thank you for your continued prayers for HSP.  The occupation therapist has made uncle to sit in a chair in front of a table both in the morning and evening.  CT Scan confirmed embolism(clot) and the medical team said they would treat it with medicines(injection and tablets).
Our God is a WONDER WORKING LORD; He hears our prayers.So,uncle is better today. Prami,who is to relieve her sister-in-law ESTHER JEYARANI,  tomorrow, is down with cold fever in Ambur.Pray for her healing".
- Sundarsingh  25/07/13

Update 24th July

  • Right throughout the day, Uncle is not feeling well."I feel distressed “are his words
  •  The doctors have suspected pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs region) and called for certain tests. In another one hour, they may take CT scan
This calls for urgent and special prayer. Please motivate all who are known to Ponnuraj uncle to pray for him
 -        Sundarsingh 

Update 23rd July

  • Ponnuraj uncle is alert and agile in spirit and fervently interceding for peopl
  • Two chemotherapy went on well without visible side effects
  • Point of concern at this stage is his mobility -yet to respond to physiotherapy
  • Still bed-ridden, this immobility may have a adverse effect on his lungs region
  • His daughter, Pramila ,is on a five days rest from Saturday (20th) onwards.Uncle's daughter -in -law- Esther, attends on him now. 
 - Sundarsingh 

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