Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chemotherpy Begins

Medical team informed uncle that chemotherapy would begin today (12-07-2013).
The first one month will be  'concentrated course' i .e giving heavy dose of medicines.
The team will monitor counts during  the first week.
They are hopeful that mobility would be restored in few weeks.I will divulge details in my next update. It looks that Uncle's general condition is good to withstand the medicine.
I believe that this is possible because of the intercession of many saints on uncle's favour.
Please continue to lift uncle to His throne of Grace.
Pray for his daughter Pramila who is attending on him.

Many express their desire to extend a helping hand towards the medical expenses of uncle.

You may do so and I request you to send such contribution in favor of DR DAVID SOLOMON, AMBUR.

Dr David Solomon was President of UESI-TN for two terms and is the chairman of ATRI-Trust. He is an orthopedic surgeon

Bank details are as follows: 
  • David Solomon  A.C.NO.0959101007166, Canara Bank, Ambur - 635802. 
  • IFSC CNRB0000959
  • BRANCH CODE 0959
  • MOBILE NO.9443010882
Please inform detais of remittance either through e-mail  or send SMS for proper accounting and acknowledging. .Name,address, mail id as well as contact number will be helpful.
-Sundarsingh Jebakumar

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  1. We surely pray for our dear uncle our prayer warrior for the servants of God. Amy our God the Great Healer minister to Him at uncle's sickness