Friday, July 5, 2013

Update 3 & 4

Kindly Do NOT call or SMS HSP Uncle referring the information shared here or try to verify the diagnosis and treatment details with him as you fervently pray for him. Please do it with only Mr. Sundarsingh who can be reached at 9443057280    -  Phil (Editor)

July 5th
Brother Sundarsingh posts us on HSP uncle today..

"The prayer of faith will save the sick,and the Lord will raise them up: James  5;15
The MRI is taken at 1.30am.
Informal disclosure from the doctor is not a pleasing one.
Biopsy is called for and it may be some time on Monday
It looks that uncle understands this development and an anxiety element catches him up
Pray for divine healing and His guidance in each move"
Sundarsingh (9443057280)

July 6th
"This is my request;please don't discuss or send sms/mail to HSP UNCLE regarding his health condition.You can share general things or encouraging words......."
"Please PRAY for the nature and schedule of treatment. The hematology department has to work out details
                        -Sundarsingh (9443057280)

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