Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Uncle understands his sickness and prays with others... Update 7

"Ponnuraj uncle seemed to have realized the gravity of the sickness only  this morning.  His daughter (Mrs. Pramila Rajendren revealed the details. As a godly person, he accepted it.
Radiotherapy (first session) was given in the morning.This may extend for another four days
The bone marrow biopsy results will reveal the exact location and the stage of this illness.The result may come at any time.  The exact nature and method of treatment (what they call 'protocol') will be decided only after that. 
After radiotherapy, uncle may have to stay outside and come to CMC only for the treatment.
Pray for the stay and related arrangements. MUT guest house is one option....
This evening, uncle's two brothers from Madurai visited him with a few of the relatives.Uncle prayed for them and the two brothers prayed for uncle"

-- Sundarsingh Jebakumar

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