Monday, July 8, 2013

Pray for the Radiotherapy..... Update 6

“HSP uncle was alert and relaxed in the morning. In the afternoon he was stressful and "in-built tense" because of the various tests taken to ascertain the stages of his health problem.
At 6.30am.  Dr Lionel Gnanaraj (of CMC Vellore) came to the room and informed uncle of the presence of multiple myeloma in his body. Uncle asked him a few questions and the doctor explained to him various therapies with its pros and cons.
Uncle' son and daughter, their spouses and I were present in the room during this time. Uncle took the news about his health in peace and we all had a time of prayer.
I had left CMC by 7.30pm.
Prami (uncle's daughter) sent me a SMS which said, “They are going to start radiotherapy tomorrow".
Let us continue to pray for the correct protocol- i.e., the right kind of treatment to be administered to him and for the related arrangements”
 -           -- Sundarsingh Jebakumar

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